Pocket Square - The Red Peacock

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You are surrounded! Surrounded by peacocks which adorn this silk clutch on all sides. This beautiful and intriguing animal has always been a source of inspiration for artistic and graphic creation despite its different meanings across cultures. In China, it is a symbol of peace, prosperity and beauty. Fetish animal of the Greek goddess Hera, totem in the Buddhist religion, symbol of resurrection for the first Christians, the peacock is surprisingly a bad luck animal because of its feathers which are said to carry the evil eye, that of the devil, at their tips.

At home, it's much simpler, we find it sublime. This is why we dedicated this pocket square to him, 100% silk, rolled and made in Italy, near Como. Flee superstitions, and prefer great style...

Delivered free in France. Returns within 30 days.

French design. Italian manufacturing.


Hand wash silk

Hand wash your silk pocket square preferably cold. Immerse the square of silk in water at room temperature. Rub gently with a specific product for delicate laundry. When rinsing, silk cannot withstand thermal shock, so be careful not to use water that is too cold or too hot. Then rinse your pocket square until the water runs clear. Gently wring the square of silk between two cloths. Then let it air dry.

Machine wash silk

If you want to use your washing machine, choose a delicate cycle, favor a gentle detergent special for silk. Be careful, never wring your silk pocket square in the machine, its finishes are fragile, as is its silk. Prefer drying with a towel and in the open air.

Then iron your silk pocket square with a hot iron and plenty of steam to remove the creases.

Delivered free of charge in France in its crystal paper bag in 3 to 5 working days. Returns within 30 days at your expense.

Flat fold, puff fold, one, two, three point fold... There are nice ways to vary the pleasures of folding your pocket square. Discover the different folds here.