LE CARRE as a blank page

It's already ten years since Antan Créations (formerly Pochette Square) and its designer Sébastien Descamps have brought to life unique designs in limited editions on silk, wool or cotton squares... Yesterday, pocket squares for men, today Today there are large scarves for women, but still designs full of poetry at the heart of the squares.

A credo: high standards in the service of creative freedom. A contemporary artisanal model, a family team, constantly renewed designs, noble materials and a 100% Italian style since 2013, these are the commitments that make our house unique.


Sébastien Descamps was born in Belgium and grew up in the North of France where painting, drawing and music filled his childhood and adolescence. Having become creative in advertising in the early 2000s, he set out 10 years later with the aim of placing his know-how as a graphic designer, illustrator and artistic director at the heart of his company.

He draws his influences from the past (Yesterday) to place them in the future (Creations). Contemporary motifs, retro illustrations, period photos and engravings of animals and flowers often enter into a graphic dance serving a story, an idea, a sensation, a memory... A drawing unique on a high quality accessory. A work that you take with you.


Since our creation in 2013, we have chosen an Italian silk workshop for its excellent know-how in the production of silk squares. A stone's throw from Lake Como, these weavers and textile finishers have been printing our creations on large silk panels since 1931, which guarantee precise and meticulous design details. Our scarves are then made and rolled by hand by machine at a manufacturer in Como. Before shipment, a double quality control is carried out. The scarves are then carefully folded in their boxes made in Spain, accompanied by recycled paper correspondence cards.

Producing among our Italian neighbors guarantees us local manufacturing. Our scarves are transported by road and not by air, and we can thus ensure that our partner in Lombardy complies with the latest environmental standards in force.